High precision machining

High precision machining

Specialized company: Fonderie Mora Gavardo - Machining

Fonderie Mora Gavardo - Machining possesses four of the newest generation FMS lines (Flexible Manufacturing System), which have been expressly designed to respond in a stream-lined manner; in accordance with company strategy which considers the machining of small and medium lot sizes as one of its greatest strengths. The 84 pallets assure the availability of six spindle numerically controlled horizontal machining centers with unparalleled processing flexibility, enabling the management of items with a wide range of dimensions and weights: from small pieces of only a few grams up to parts weighing 1,500 kg with a dimension of one cubic meter. The equipment is capable of operating with unsupervised shifts, to ensure 24 hour production continuity.

Although the primary mission of Fonderie Mora Gavardo - Machining is to process series of small and medium lots, the production department possesses robotic working islands which make it possible to meet requirements that include the machining of mass production lots. The efficiency of the machinery fleet, the tools and the associated equipment is guaranteed by the performed constant control, based on the quality assurance plan, the analyses performed by the managerial system, the periodic maintenance operations and the TPM procedures (Total Productive Maintenance). All of this ensures we will never be caught unprepared, no matter what the client’s request might be in terms of quantity and level of precision required.

Installed in the production department of Fonderie Mora Gavardo - Machining is a series of bi-spindle vertical and horizontal lathes, whose characteristics are inspired by the before-mentioned lean concepts. As for the FMS and the other machine tools in the workshop, including the recently installed newest generation numerically controlled machinery that is characterized by extremely flexible tooling, it is possible to perform not only the necessary turning operations, but also boring and milling operations with only one placement.

In addition to the traditional process of chip removal performed through turning, boring and milling,Camozzi Manufacturing also has two tangential grinding machines for the purpose of accurately finishing machine surfaces. Upon the requestof the client, Fonderie Mora Gavardo - Machining is able to perform a series of additional finishing treatments, including grinding,balancing, heat treatment, anodizing,oxidation, burnishing, zinc plating and other galvanic treatments.

Quality extends across the internet

Managing quality includes assuring efficient availability of tools in the production department. For this reason, the tools are not only submitted to settings in the tool-room, but are also RF (radio frequency) monitored, collecting the relative data through the intranet wi-fi network, to which all production machinery is connected. In this way, it is possible to trace the position and the operational parameters of each tool.

By setting some attention thresholds, the system is able to detect the approach of the critical wearing threshold, contributing to maintaining an efficient fleet of consumables for the benefit of quality. The same wi-fi network that connects the machinery is also used to collect, analyze and file production data, as well as uploading different part-programs, reducing the tooling time of the machinery.