Light Industry

From the components offer to the expertise offer

Working on behalf of third parties involves supplying the client with a comprehensive service along with the product, this entails providing the client with constant access to an advanced level of expertise and competence.

All companies within the Camozzi Manufacturing Division pursue this ideal firstly by employing the most advanced technologies together with highly qualified technicians and experienced operators.

The expertise acquired from years of working with a variety of companies in different industrial sectors, and the benefits from the cooperation and shared know-how within the division companies provides the facility (especially in the Light Industry) to work in the main industrial fields, without restriction apart from physical parameters of the product itself.

We take great pride in the close collaboration we create with our clients in order to produce “their product” to their complete specifications. It is for this reason we chose to emerge as one single division incorporating many companies capable of producing various materials, guaranteeing the same level of excellence in service and quality.

Special attention is paid to both the selection of materials, and the procedures of quality control for processes and products, offering a guarantee of quality and reliability to all our clients. 

Our competence encompasses the complete cycle - from the raw material to the finished product.

We possess the “know-how” and expertise to manufacture raw materials and transform them into your products.

Camozzi Manufacturing Division production premises are specialized in the following processing:

- Brass Molding
- Aluminium Alloy Casting
- Plastic Molding
- Metal Structural Works for Mechanics
- Cast Iron Foundry - Small / Medium sized casting
- Precision Mechanics