Newton Officine Meccaniche

Leading the way in light and medium-heavy metal processing


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Leading the way in light and medium-heavy metal processing

Newton Officine Meccaniche specializes in light and medium-heavy metal processing.
The production plant covers an area of over 8.000 square metres with a production capacity of over 600 tonnes per year.
Modern equipment supported by advanced demand planning software together with a highly experienced technical department, ensures optimal performance and a high level of automation-thanks to the perfect integration between man and machine.


Newton Integrated Policy

The main aims of Newton Officine Meccaniche Srl are, on the same level of profitability, quality of products and services, workplace safety (WSH), environmental protection and compatibility between its own activities and the territorial context in which the firm operates.

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Specialised and flexible departments

Our 5 specialised production  departments are highly integrated and supported by a central technical (research & development) facility.
These departments are able to cut, punch, bend, assemble and paint metal components on behalf of third parties in the manufacturing sector. The components produced can be supplied to a diverse range of sectors including manufacturing, naval and automotive, with the highest standards of quality guaranteed.
We also manufacture protection covers and complete machine casing and we can process various metal sheets.
Our many stages of production offer complete flexibility with the ability to deliver bespoke products to meet the individual needs of each and every customer.