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Experience and Expertise creating shape to your ideas

Campress, with over 30 years of experience in hot brass molding, joined the Camozzi Group in 1980 and has been under constant development since.

Benefitting from the synergies of our design, production and marketing strategies, we have achieved our goal  of attaining  specialist expertise and top quality in accordance with the international standards (ISO 9001:2015).

Our progress and achievements are a result of our strategy, which is firmly focused on attaining excellence and has been constant throughout our history.

Our extensive experience, provides us the optimal results we achieve,  from consulting on the design of moulds and on the use of materials, to the manufacturing of special parts in terms of form, dimension and application sectors.


From your drawing to the machined product, made with the highest precision

The factory extends over an area of 10, 000 square metres.

Each year 80 million pieces are produced, which equates to 10.000 tonnes of pressed brass used in different fields such as fluid power applications, plumbing and heating, the automobile industry, fireproofing products and general mechanical applications.

Each product is studied and designed using CAD 2D/3D systems. We also design and manage the production of the moulds and of all the respective tools required. 

The continuous improvement of our production methods and our commitment to adhering to the rigorous standards required has elevated our level of quality so that we can confidently guarantee each and every item we produce.

Technologically advanced equipment such as automated cutting machinery, with integrated view systems, subject each brass piece to a metallurgical and dimensional inspection.