About Us

Transforming raw materials

Camozzi Manufacturing Division is the Camozzi Group`s answer to the needs of an increasingly complex market where product quality and overall management of the supply chain are critical for success.

Camozzi Manufacturing Division consists of seven companies, all with a successful trading record. This combined expertise in raw material processing provides high quality reliable solutions in brass and plastic forging, iron and aluminium casting as well as other related metal processing activities.

The accurate control of production processes through the implementation of organizational and business models such as "lean production" enable the production of a wide range of components  suitable for many industrial markets.

The highest standards of quality are possible, in addition to the elimination of inefficiency and waste, through the management and control of all stages of the manufacturing process, from design through testing to after sales service, Camozzi Manufacturing Division represents a unique new delivery channel, further strengthened through its affiliation with the Camozzi Group, a well-established engineering and innovation driven international group with strong customer focus. For over 40 years they have been producing high value solutions with continuous investment in their greatest asset-human resources.